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Here's your sign

Here's your sign

If you're looking for a sign, here it is.


This project was inspired by the cashier at the Dairy Queen down the street from me who would always put a banana sticker on my card when he handed it back. I had a little collection going, most were the standard Dole label, others were itty bitty advertisements for things like the Minions movie. That movie sucks, I just wished the stickers would tell me something I actually wanted to hear, and thus my critically acclaimed Quit Your Job banana was born.

The others quickly followed suit, I actually completed all 7 illustrations in one sitting. Some of the stickers were for me, some were for friends, some for just about anybody else. 1.7 million people stumbled across my little slice of the internet, cherry picking the signs they needed and ignoring those they didn't care for. Exactly how signs from the universe are supposed to work.

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