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Charlie was a classroom exercise in book cover design. For the project we were asked to interview a classmate and create a book cover that captured their essence. Though most of the books content is hypothetical, everything being referenced to is true according to Charlie them-self. 

Charlie Bourquin uses his one-of-a-kind autobiography to detail a life lived as a transgender man. The writing is about transparency, and doing so despite a society that encourages members of the LGBTQ community to be anything but. No more keeping it behind closed doors, Charlie is an open book.


The first idea I wanted to embody is the fluidity of gender, which is something Charlie says he always struggled with because he identifies as a man while being feminine presenting. I directed a photoshoot that  we both agreed would best reflect his outwardly feminine appearance.


The next idea I wanted to show was how much of a role other people’s opinions effect him. All eyes are on him: different and proud of it. I hand embroidered the eyes on a card stock print of his portrait to comment on how others center his gender, how often times it's all they ever see. If you flip the book over the viewer will see the underside of the embroidery. This represents the parts of Charlie people don’t often get to see because, as he states, they simply don't take the time to.


Lastly I cut out the name of both the book and the author on the spine, so you could see right through it, as a nod to Charlie’s transparency and to continue the theme of handicraft throughout the cover.

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